Get to know about Rugs by BeniOurain

BeniOurain carpets are among the comfiest you’ll ever come across. They are made entirely of sheep fleece and are completely undyed. These vintage carpets are intended for folks who genuinely enjoy nature. They are the ultimate of comfort and opulence. Geometric patterns are a trademark style of BeniOurain carpets. It’s a timeless design that works in every space. On a white cream backdrop, Beni ourain rugs you might expect to notice dark brown patterns and forms. Symbols will also be present. They relate genuine life tales of each weaving.

BeniOurain carpets are made from a unique breed of sheep

The Atlas Highlands are located in an area where unique sheep may be found. This is an old breed of tiny sheep. They manufacture the exceptional high-quality wool that distinguishes BeniOurain carpets. They can still be seen roaming Morocco’s harsh Middle Atlas Mountains. Such carpets are made by hand from this rare breed of sheep.

Completely genuine and authentic

Are guys into carpets from remote locations? Then BeniOurain carpets will appeal to oneself. The ability of these wonderful rugs is remarkable. They link the nomadic Berber people’s vast past with contemporary interiors. Bring a bit of Morocco’s history into their own house.

A sliver of Morocco’s personality

All of their creators’ lives are a component of the method. These carpets are mainly made by women. They incorporate pieces from their own life into the artwork in a unique way. These might be allusions to natural occurrences. You’ll occasionally encounter scenes from everyday life. Birth, fertility, nature, beniourain rugs, and femininity have all been featured in designs. We’ve heard tales of rural existence and personal convictions.

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