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Texas Electric Choice, also called deregulation, enables you to select the provider who delivers your electricity. This gives you greater control over the cost of your energy and the power to save money by switching to a competitive plan.

The Texas State Legislature passed a bill in 2002 that deregulated the electric market and opened it to competition. Since then, 85 percent of consumers in Texas have the ability to choose their own retail electric provider.

Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio all have deregulated markets for electricity. You can select from a range of companies to find a plan that fits your budget. Shopping for the best rates for electricity in your area is difficult with the many options available. However, with a clever shopping tool like EnerWisely, you can quickly look through hundreds of electricity rates to discover the one that is right for you and your family.

What is Texas Electricity?

After living for over a century under monopoly conditions the state legislature passed legislation that opened the market to competition. Texans can now choose their own retail electricity provider and lower their energy bills with green energy or fixed-rate long-term plans.

There are a few things you need power to choose consider before choosing an electric provider in Texas including the location you reside in and what kind of electric utility you have. There are some areas in Texas that are not yet deregulated and may not be ready to receive competitive electricity.

A city-owned utility, like the utilities in El Paso and Amarillo, have not developed enough conditions for a competitive electricity market to be established They haven’t implemented electric choice yet. Lubbock Power & Light, an electric utility owned by the city is expected to join ERCOT in June 2021. However it doesn’t mean that it will be able to start offering electricity options immediately.

You must always read the fine print of any electricity contract, no matter where you live to ensure that you’re not being overcharged. Make sure to read the fine print before signing with an electricity provider. Some have early termination and cancellation fees.

You can also utilize an online tool such as EnerWisely which is completely free to use, to find the cheapest electricity rates in your locality. This tool can automatically compare hundreds electric plans based upon your usage patterns to provide you with the most affordable electricity plans available in your area.

The power of electricity is a major part of your home’s daily life, so it is essential to make an informed decision when you are purchasing energy. When you are shopping for electricity, you should be aware of your monthly usage, whether you’re looking to lower your impact on the environment, and other factors that can help you save money and get the most value of your energy plan.

EnerWisely, a free shopping tool that lets you to compare options, is the best method to cut down on your electric bill and make educated decisions. This tool takes the guesswork and confusion out of comparing energy prices. You can then concentrate on other things important in your life while feeling sure that you’ve made the right choice.

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